Seth opposes war, because there’s a better way.

There’s lots of puzzling questions in the Seth material. But, puzzling riddles and seeming contradictions do more than just puzzle us, In my view, they direct us to discovery of subtle depths not picked up the casual reader.

So, here’ my take:
The Seth materials reveal that each of our subjective realities create our physical realities, it’s NOT the other way around. Once we accept that we actually create every person, place and thing in our personal physical reality, then we’re in place to discuss such riddles. Until that’s accepted, there’s no need to discuss further. Please stop reading now.

Most of us have been to an arcade and enjoyed shooting of enemy invaders or space aliens. But if we find ourselves fighting enemies that we fear can actually enslave or kill our most valued possessions (freedom and liberty for our person, family, country or humanity) the fun quickly subsides. War isn’t fun; It’s painful, it’s “Hell”.  Nobody enjoys it when they are in their right minds.

The cost being so high, there would not be war if some beneficial justification or redeeming value weren’t perceived by its participants.
The mantra’s of justification always turns to either:

1) seeking to obtain what is desired by offense, also called plunder, or
2) seeking to defend or protect our most valued against such plunder by another.

Once humanity finds a better way to get and keep what they discern of value, war and killing will stop.

Seth opposes war and killing, because there’s a better way.

Since you’ve continued reading to this point, You believe you create your own reality and recognize you weren’t killing some Viet Cong enemy found outside of you, you were killing an enemy of your own creation, an opponent that was perceived as a threat to what you value.  It didn’t need to be a Viet Cong or even a person. At the metaphysical level, it was a threat in the way of what you want. The option to use war and killing was also constructed by you into your reality. We understand they were all constructed for the purpose of bringing insight and value fulfillment to your being.

From the study of Seth, you’ve come to understand the great power you hold in forming your own reality according to personal preferences and that through the application of your conscious mind and intellect you can identify and choose to develop those beliefs most beneficial toward achieving the ends you desire or discern preferences toward.

WAR, killing, and bad experiences are actually good.  Not only do they reveal themselves as UNWanted, they help clarify and identify what is preferred instead.

So why do we create a Viet Cong enemy when we clearly recognize we would prefer something else?

As noted above, metaphysically, the Viet Cong represented a threat.  From Seth we know that every object in physical reality has it’s counter part in our framework II subjective reality.  We create enemies in objective reality to represent what we believe are threats within our subjective realities; ie, threats to our achieving what we value and discern a preference toward.

We can go on killing one enemy after another but we’ll never kill enough of them to eliminate the subjective belief of threat. And until we do, we’ll keep finding enemies to fight in our physical reality.

Fact is, Seth tells us we live in a cooperative universe where the only threats are those we create.  We don’t need to fight enemies, there are none.  We should stop killing because it doesn’t work.

Until that is learned, the power of deliberate creation is impeded. So it might be said, there is an enemy and the enemy is ignorance. The only threat to learning is a lack of conscious experience brought about by a fear to observe. I believe in the end, even the thickest mind will eventually decide they’ve had enough and get it.

You’ll never find  peace at the price of war. You’ll never find calm by fighting the threats to calm. You’ll never find prosperity by killing the threats to prosperity.

It will be a milestone achieved for each of us when we fully embrace we create our own reality and recognize the way to create and enjoy a value fulfilling reality experience is to stop fighting against what we don’t want and instead pursue creating and enjoying the creations that we DO WANT.

That’s the message of Seth to me.

Further Study:

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 854

“To kill for the sake of peace only makes you better killers, and nothing will change that. In any war, both sides are fanatical to the extent that they are involved. I am quite aware that often war seems to be your only practical course, because of the set of beliefs that are, relatively speaking, worldwide.

“Until you change those beliefs, war will seem to have some practical value—a value which is highly deceptive, and quite false.”

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 850

“So let us say in a new commandment: “Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals.”

What does that mean? In practical terms it would mean that you would not wage war for the sake of peace. It would mean that you did not kill animals in experiments, taking their lives in order to protect the sacredness of human life. That would be a prime directive: “Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals” — for man has killed for the sake of his ideals as much as he has ever killed for greed, or lust, or even the pursuit of power on its own merits.

You are a fanatic if you CONSIDER (underlined) possible killing for the pursuit of your ideal.”

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