A fulfilling experience of reality is all about perspective. Multiple perspectives provides more than one way to look at things. Multiple views provide greater details to recognize. Such recognitions are the events from which experiences are formed. The greater our experience, the richer our realizations and depths of reality. With depth of reality comes new fuller experiences. 

The quest for value fulfillment is a bias toward the perspective of improvement, the perspective of what is valued and wanted.      

Better Perspective  

  • What went wrong with my last adventure quest?
  • What could I do to improve my life’s adventure?

 It is certainly useful to know what went wrong with your last adventure quest. But such insights do not contribute to value fulfillment until the answers from such are used in a quest for improvement or value fulfillment. To obtain value fulfillment, one must ask the question: What can I do to improve my life adventure. 

The direction of your quest is set by intention. Intentions are largely determined from the questions asked because quest{ions} set the objectives of quests. They point to what is sought; what one seeks. We primarily find that which we seek to find and tend to ignore that which isn’t sought.      

Perspectives are everywhere
In the extreme, there are just two perspectives:    

  • Pain
  • Pleasure


  • What do I enjoy?
  • What do I fear?


  • What am I delighted about?
  • What am I afraid of? 


  • What do I want to gain?
  • What do I NOT want to lose? 

Every problem has two perspectives.  
Example: Consider the common problem of weight.  

Which is the better perspective?   

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want a healthy attractive weight

or the better question?    

  • How do I lose weight?
  • How do I obtain a healthy attractive weight? 

or the better perspective toward weight?  

  • I loath fat obese bodies
  • I love healthy practical beautiful bodies

or the approach to resolution? 

  • Nothing comes easily to me, I always have to work hard for it
  • Things usually come easily once I let go and let God


  • I’ve tried so many diets and all have failed
  • My body reflects what I feel about my reality. If I learn to experience the good things that abound, my body will reflect it.


  • I will fight this problem until I overcome.  I will NEVER give up!
  • I so love that my body shows me I should get more on track with the things I like.


  • I will lose weight because I am smart and have found the cause of weight gain through my hard work and study whereas most are too dumb and lazy to obtain it.
  • I will find the beauty that abounds in all


  • With diligent search, study, and hard work, anyone can overcome any obstacle
  • With faith, nothing is impossible – I can ask and receive – anything is possible!

or the better view of yourself and others?     

  • If I can overcome my weight problem, then anyone can. Fat people are just too lazy to apply themselves.
  • My attractive weight came as the natural response to my seeking and focusing upon a healthy beautiful world. I am so thankful I discovered the truth that sets me free. I love knowing I can share it and all are capable of enjoying the same!

Faith Perspective 

From a faith based perspective, not only do we see challenges, people and the universe differently, but we get the reality and experiences we enjoy. 

There is no other way to health, spiritually, mentally or physically as the body is but the mirror of feelings we have about the reality we have decided of the events we’ve chosen to recognize and realize.  Believe it! Realize it! 

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