Person hood

Who is the self I am

Life is the eternal realization of being

First and foremost, we, you, and I think. We all form thoughts. In thought we first conclude realizations of “being”.  We realize we are conscious of thinking and know we have being. We know we are conscious beings because we think.  We know we be and that we are beings even if we haven’t fully realized (and we haven’t) what it means to be and what I am means.  

We may never fully realize what it means to be.  I think, therefore I am.  I know I am a conscious being.  I recognize that I am ever thinking, and I realize life is the eternal realization of being.  In realization we will ever be occupied making new discoveries, ever realizing the expansion of realities as long as we think. 

Expanding Reality

With every realization comes new relative recognitions;  every time we realize one thing we soon recognize another and once it is realized, we recognize yet another to consider and conclude in realization. Reality is formed from never ending recognitions of details, and conclusions realized. Beliefs realized then give rise to new discoveries relative to our perspectives of reality .

Thought identifying Self

As we recognize our being chooses thought by giving attention, we realize we discretely think separate and apart from the subjects of our thoughts. As we realize we are discrete thinkers, the self is recognized.  From the perspective of thinking, we recognize we think discretely and realize the thinker is our “Self”.

Self and non-self

We may not recognize the complexity nor subtle components involved in thought, yet we are able to discern that not all around us is involved. We identify that which is not involved in the thinking process as outside of ourselves.  We identify all that is involved in our thinking as our unique “Self”.   We know ourselves even if we do not fully recognize all (and we haven’t) that is involved in thinking.  Our self is the thinking being we identify as thinking.

It is 10pm, do you know where your self is?

While most will consider their bodies when asked to bring themselves to a party,  most can discern that they are NOT their bodies.  When asked to identify where “you” are,  most point to their heads or hearts not their body. In playing hide and seek, you may say: I am here.  When playing music, you may say the I am at first bar of the 2nd stanza.

We know we are not our heads and we know we are not are hearts . We know we possess and control our body as we can observe, sense and see the expressions or our will being acted out through the body.   We know we have physical senses in our body and that physical sensing halts if the body is deprived of the environmental contacts our body otherwise senses.  Place a blind in the line of sight and we are unable to see. Add sufficient insulation between our body and the vibrating source , we are unable to hear, feel, taste, or smell as well.  All physically sensed vibrations can be eliminated from sensing, if we isolate how our bodies otherwise receive their communication.  

Isolation from perception is a different thing. We know we can perceive objects and form conclusions about them using memories and imaginative thought.  Indeed, in imaginative thoughts, we can perceive physical sensing just as real as if it were being physically sensed.

Physical Person

We know we have a direct relationship to our bodies although we do NOT know how this is.   We know we are sensing though it. Every person holds a unique and personal perspective due to their having a unique physical point of view.  Your physical senses convey feedback to your physical brain only.  This unique point of view gives you a unique perspective .  From that unique perspective you perceive all unlike any other. 


  • Only you see and sense what your body senses.
  • Only you decide which sensations to give your attention.
  • Only you have your collection of past perceptions used in perceiving each new sensation you give your attention.
  • Only you have the perception you have. 
  • Your unique personal perspective is what gives rise to your unique personality.
  • Personality is a gestalt of ever changing perception

 You are unlike any other. Your self perceives like no other. You form your own reality by the thoughts you choose.  Believe it! Realize it!

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