Our problem with the problem IS the problem.

What is the problem? Is it a problem or a problem with having problems (a metaphysical problem).

If we’ve always been searching, been searching our entire lives, why have we been searching? What have we been searching for?

Is the need for such searching, the problem? Are we searching to discover, what we’ve been searching for? Did we forget the objective?

Is finding a better way to conduct our search the objective/problem; what we’ve been searching for?

Does the realization that we’ve always been searching provide us a clue to the problem? Could it be that there is NO problem, only an opportunity for discovering fulfilling value while being consciously observant?

Could the problem be that we are searching for a problem cause outside ourselves? Could it be as simple as realizing, there is no problem; there is no external cause needing discovery because there is NO external Problem. Possibly, we’re NOT searching for problem cause or even problem solution, but a better objective approach to discovering the meaning behind and purpose in physical life. Could it be our only problem is thinking we have a problem and regarding that problem a threat. Could it be we’re NOT so much searching for the cause of a problem as it is that we are searching to understand the greater value fulfillment that comes through the process of living, observing and discovering new valued realizations in our lives?

If physical reality reflects and mirrors our inner reality as an extrapolated projection into physical perspective,
If in experiencing physical reality the ego in all circumstances must take the perspective of considering itself outside of whole-self,
If the nature of expression means to “push outside” in all instances,
If every expression of psychological action must by the very nature of expression be mentally reconstructed into a subject/object form in order for us to view observed aspects as if outside ourselves,
THEN what we search for is NOT outside! What we are driven to discover is NOT outside ourselves although everything appears to be outside of us, include all we typically think of as physical reality. In actuality all of reality is inside the psyche, including that which we typically consider as outside and ourselves as being within.

To appear outside ourselves, that which we observe is distorted. It must be distorted so as to appear external. In fact, what we are looking at is an image of the psychological; a projection of the inner psyche only given the perspective of being external.

To be expressed into a form that appears to be external to ourselves, requires a change of perspective. This shift of perception is performed by mental construction. It must always occur before any subjective thought can be expressed or passed on in an external communication with another.

To share what is observed inside, with another outside, requires expression. No subjective event can be expressed before mental reconstruction casts that event into object form. That is; mental construction or mental rearrangement  is required to before one can express any subjective knowing, effect or experience. Mental construction gives subjective awareness (consciousness) a form with features and characteristics. Once we have an object form, we are able to use that form and its characteristic aspects to express the subtleties of the subjective event and call it an experience.

In expression, we and others are enlightened with the dimension richness of another perspective, but the new mental construct of shifted perception is not an exact replica of the subjective essence the image form attempts to represent. The projected form is always a distortion at best. The shifted perspective is not a perfect replica of what it attempts to represent.

Distortion is the creative dilemma behind creativity. This dilemma is the problem or challenge of expression. It is the innate challenge and opportunity of creativity.

While a change of perspective inevitably introduces mistakes and errors inherent of distortion, at the same time, the shift in perspective brings incredible discoveries and subtle realizations that forever expand and change us for the better and bring greater value fulfilling experience.

While the richness of our physical reality is ample evidence that such mental constructions have been well worth the risk, we must never forget that our expressions of physical contain the seeds of error along with their valued recognitions and certainties of new realizations.

In our observations and valued realizations, we MUST maintain an attitude of openness to correction, change and improvement. We must maintain this attitude even amidst the most certainly of accuracy and value found in our latest discoveries because we know, physical reality is a distorted view of true reality.

Observing the outside reflections, projections, manifestations of the inner is ONLY meant to provide clues to what we REALLY want to discover, experience and actively realize of our subjective INNER-selves.

When the ego insists it must find the answer to all its problems OUTSide of itself,
When it refuses to receive or consider any inner-suggestion that what is searched for is INSide, it impedes much needed energy and the inner realizations that the inner-self would otherwise naturally provide.

“I am going to take this instance of your friend’s illness, … a cure of any kind will never depend upon any given treatment. It will in all cases depend upon the belief on the part of the sufferer that he can be cured. It will depend upon his desire to be cured … in the last analysis, the individual’s own ability to mobilize his own energies, for only these will effect a cure. Seth ES4-Pg 67

When creative energy is impeded from its natural flow, that energy is redirected to forming that which the EGO self is most focused upon, believes and expects. While the impeding of energy and its redirection may be the creative force behind all creation in purposeful re-creation, yet we must be aware;

When energy is impeded and redirected out of fear, such redirected energy does NOT create a better more value fulfilling object, it creates the object that is feared most, concentrated upon and expected.

Seth: “The energy that would be used to solve the problem instead is spent maintaining the illness. It is therefore necessary that an attempt be made as soon as possible to solve the problem, which of course must first be discovered by the ego, which has avoided it. …
The problem, as a mental manipulation, has not been settled. The resulting construction, therefore is a faithful replica of this distortion. … In some types of illness such distortions are mirrored or reflected, so to speak, many times within one organism.” ES4 – Session 159 Pg 68-69

If the Ego self becomes sufficiently rigid in its exterior facing psychological personality and refuses to be flexible and receptive of inner promptings, intuitions and insights,
If Ego puts on a stone face and refuses to permit the natural flow of energy vitality that would otherwise bring about desired value fulfilling change,
When it refuses to consider any new idea and rejects all that it doesn’t author,

Seth: “What you call suggestion is indeed expectation …
You should understand by now how the physical image is constructed. This construction is from the inside out. … Any errors of construction have their origin not in the inner self, but in either the personal sub-conscious or in the ego … What you call suggestion should ideally come from within the self, and not from outside the self” ES4-Session 160 Pg 70-71

When Ego accepts ONLY ideas it believes protective against its own fears,
WOULDn’t a perfectly reflective physical bodily form best be represented by a debilitated weakened body? If that is what I’ve been experiencing, what does IT tell me?

Wouldn’t it naturally follow, if EGO continues to persist to only accept insights directed toward overcoming fear, the physical form that would best represent it would be a crippled body, inflexible, fixed and immobile?

If the EGO self perceives itself threatened by exterior forces that have invaded its very reality, wouldn’t a body full of cancerous attacking agents be the perfect physical representation of that perception? How far do I wish to persist and insist that my ego self is all that there is and that my EGO must be in control because it doesn’t trust due to fearful and limiting beliefs?

If all true personal actions are psychological and occur within the personality first, and then are expressed as our physical natures secondly, the realization of this relationship has already placed me upon the path of physical recovery! This is Good news! I can discover what I seek and recognize how I have been approaching that sake. By observing what is reflected in physical reality and knowing it is a mirror of above, I can recognize new realizations and insights about how I have been and adjust how I should be seeking my sake and conducting that search.

I need only see that in the purpose and method of my present searching to find a solution to present physical ailments actually reveals as much about method as it does of there being a unresolved dilemma. The dilemma is itself only representative of the greater subjective dilemma seeking its value to be discovered and realized. When our physical problems appear to be threatening, eluding, needing immediate discovery, there is in actuality a subject value fulfilling action that is threatening, eluding, and needing immediate discovery. There is some subjective psychological obstacle impeding the discovery if we are experiencing illness and loss of energy.

When a physical problem appears real in physical reality, it is truly only mirroring the REAL Problem of a subjective psychological need.

Seth: “Without the ego we do not have what you call negative suggestions, for when action is left to itself it flows unimpeded, seeking its fulfillment along its numberless unimpeded ways.  … You know now that the ego, because of its nature, attempts to set itself aside from action. It obviously can not do so. … When the ego, therefore, becomes too overbearing it attempts to impede the flow of action. … Nevertheless such impediments often set up actions that block the overall movement or direction of the action that composes the whole personality. … What you call negative suggestions represent discordant actions. Unless the main reasons are discovered, the distortive actions will keep reoccurring…
We find it most frequently that the ego impedes action by refusals. It attempts to maintain a stability that is indeed illusion. … When the ego impedes such expression, then the emotions are translated into other actions, and can turn into impediments. It is only because the ego blocks freedom of the emotional expression, out of fear, that it appears to the ego that emotions are are indeed fearful characteristics. Damned up, they are indeed.
It is, again, the ego’s misguided attempt to stand apart to gain stability, that makes the ego react in such a manner. It fears loss of control and of discipline, … ”
ES4-Session 160 Pg 73-75
“There is an involvement that would seem, would seem, intense. … caused by the attempt of the ego not to become involved with action, unless the ego can dominate action. There is no basic trust of the inner self. The personality does not basically recognize or trust the ability of the inner self, and this results in an intense inhibited fear.
The ego of the personality does not trust its own inner organisms. … Attempting to cut itself off, … the ego must strain for its reserves of energy; for in a large measure, it refuses to accept the energy of the whole personality that is available to it.” ES4-Session 161 Pg 77.

When we realize what Seth has told us; that all physical ailments reflect impedance of vital energy by an Ego attempting to protect its perception that it alone is the consciousness of the self and that it alone is responsible for preserving its well being from feared and perceived threats,
It is much easier to recognize what our physical experiences can tell us much of our greater nature, that when we are fearful, we impede recognition of greater value fulfilling expressions and that when such energetic actions are impeded, they do not merely dissipate, but result in actual physical impediments, disease and illness.

When highly valued psychological value fulfilling actions are being impeded from discovery by an overbearing Ego, they manifest with similar symptom or ailments in physical reality,
When we realize everything manifest in physical reality reflects a subjective origin (as above, so it is below),  we’re on the path to greater value fulfilling realizations.

As I find I have ailments that appear threatening, eluding, and needing immediate discovery, yet persisting to elude me, I should recognize that my ego has some how been restricting discovery to a severely limited domain ( a limited domain the Ego alone thinks acceptable).

An ailment would appear persistently elusive only because I must have limited search to where it can NOT be found. I need to think outside the box, the limits erroneously imposed by Ego. Naturally such a situation would appear to be reflected or projected as restriction and weakened immobility. And yes, I have those symptoms in physical reality.
Therefore, I recognize lifting those restrictive limitations would likewise remove the impedance and allow the natural flow of energy vitality to bring about the discovery I seek and with it a return to the natural flow of energy that would rejuvenate the body.

I need only realize, the problem has always been subjective. It has only been expressed in physical terms to help with a better understanding and from that better EGO perspective, to naturally give the constructive suggestions that bring about more highly desired and valued realizations to experience.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to discover what you truly desire and to purposely provide your inner self the direction of your intention to experience it. Ie; we provide direction by expressing suggestion of tone and emotional intensity reflecting our intent and expectation to experience it.

Being the beings which we are, we know how to act in physical form best. By that nature, our suggestions are phrased (expressed) in the exterior perspective form, yet all the while we know, in actuality, our greatest suggestions will be those mentally constructed from the subjective realizations we first hear of our inner-selves. We start by listening allowing and realizing the better insights of our inner-self, the rest follows naturally:

From new belief realizations, our suggestions carry the inner-tone of expectation. Riding upon the emotional intensity of such expectations, our greater inner-selves project those intentions into physical reality for our closer inspection, personal pleasure, and further realization.

We need only; BelieveIt to REALizeIt!

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