We Create our Own Reality

In the Nature of Personal Reality, second of Seth Books, in the Preface thereof, we find Seth reintroducing a reality shattering idea so revolutionary it forever sets Seth apart as the greatest philosophers our planet has ever know or the most creative fraud to ever challenge our ability to discern what is real.

The Manufacture of Personal Reality

“Experience is the product of the mind, the spirit, conscious thoughts and feelings, and unconscious thoughts and feelings. These together form the reality that you know. You are hardly at the mercy of a reality, therefore, that exists apart from yourself, or is thrust upon you. You are so intimately connected with the physical events comprising your life experience that often you cannot distinquish between the seemingly material occurrences and the thoughts, expectations and desire that gave them birth.    …
You are a creator translating your expectations into physical form. …

The point will be made that all healings are the result of the acceptance of one basic fact: That matter is formed by those inner qualities that give it vitality, that structure follows expectation, that matter at any time can be completely changed by the activation of the creative faculties inherent in all consciousness.” NPR – Preface By Seth, Session 609, April 10 1972.

You Create Your Own Reality (YCYOR)

“Any attempt to so rigorously and precisely express inner reality is bound to be abortive, highly misleading, and in your terms sometimes dangerous; for you do create your own reality and live it according to your inner beliefs.”
—SS Chapter 21: Session 587, July 28, 1971

“If you do not understand that you create your own reality, then you may assign all good results to a personified god, and need the existence of a devil to explain the undesirable reality.”
—NoPR Chapter 17: Session 663, May 14, 1973

“Even those of you who intellectually agree that you form your own reality find it difficult to accept emotionally in certain areas.” …
“To understand that you create your own reality requires that same kind of “awakening” from the normal awake state — at least for many people. […] Indeed, our books follow their own rhythms, and this one is in a way a further elaboration upon The Nature of Personal Reality.”
—NoME Chapter 5: Session 830, March 27, 1978

“The experiment that would transform your world would operate upon the basic idea that you create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs, and that all existence was blessed, and that evil did not exist in it. […]” …
“Those who understand thoroughly that reality is self-created will have least difficulty. […] If you believe, for example, that all good must be balanced by evil, then you bind yourself into a system of reality that is highly limiting, and that contains within it the seeds of great torment.”
—SS Chapter 11: Session 546, August 19, 1970

“When I say “You create your own reality through your thoughts,” you, meaning anyone, have a tendency to imagine each thought as a small brick, a psychological object, each one being formed into the structure of your experience.”
—TPS4 Deleted Session August 7, 1978

“You do each create your own reality, however (intently), and en masse you create the realities of your nationalities and your countries”
—NoME Chapter 7: Session 852, May 9, 1979

“You cannot separate your beliefs about reality from the reality that you experience. That is, your beliefs about reality form it. Your ideas about what is possible and what is not possible are reflected in all areas.”
—UR1 Section 1: Session 684 February 20, 1974

Let’s have some interpretation fun.

I believe there are some that need to hear what we actually believe of Seth’s single most fundamental concept.

I believe and claim Seth Means: 

1)  I create everything observable by me within MY physical reality.
I see Seth say that in so many words, in so many places, that I refuse to imagine his statements are distortion.

2)  You create everything observable by you within your physical reality.

Of the exact objects YOU observe within your physical reality, I can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects you observe as physical reality, only you create them.

3) Of the exact objects I observe within my physical reality, YOU can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects I observe as physical reality, only I create them.

  • Do all agree?, Or
  • Does anyone think this is a deluded interpretation?,   Or
  • Does anyone think this an advanced interpretation?
  • Does anyone propose a correction?

I’ve shown my interpretation, does anyone dare show me theirs?

I’ll comment on my reasoning after seeing how many feel certain enough to accept challenge.

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