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How FEAR can Serve You

Fear means that you believe, that a scenario that you very much do not want to happen, is very likely to happen!

So fear lets you know that you are believing in a reality that you do not prefer.

So, fear can serve you, by being an “indicator”, or an “alarm”, that lets you know that
“Hey, I’m believing in a reality that is not at all aligned with my Being!”

Once you become aware of this, you can choose to change your belief, so such frightening scenarios will no longer pop up in your reality.

#1. Get  in touch with the Belief that is causing this fear.
Ask yourself:   “What would I have to believe, in order to end up being afraid of this right now?”

#2. Once you get in touch with the Belief that is generating this fear, then
Acknowledge that this is your current Belief. “Own” it.    (You can not change what you do not own.)

#3. Ask yourself:   “What Belief would I like to REPLACE this Belief with?”

#4. Once you decide what your new preferred Belief is, Accept it. Adopt it. Breath it in. TRUST that this new Belief is now active and functioning in your Being. (You don’t need to “get rid of” the old Belief. You only need to replace it with your preferred Belief.)
Get into the Mind-Set of the new Belief.
Get into the Emotional-Feeling State of the new Belief.
Get into the Body-Language and Actions of the new Belief.

The above is taken verbatim from a summary of
Bashar Concepts article How FEAR can Serve You

From my listening to Bashar as shared in a previous post, I believe he states it is important to further clarify the step #3:

#3a – What would I prefer to experience instead of what I fear?
#3b – What belief would I need to have in order experience my preferred experience over my feared experience?

And I would add:

#3c – I Recognize the current fearful belief is but one possible belief (idea) about reality. It is NOT reality, not permanent reality!
#3d – If I Decide to replace my current belief with what is preferred, that Fear producing belief will simply become a former belief.
#3e – I recognize and realize I want to experience the reality that comes with holding the new more empowering belief.

Additional Study

I bet your thoughts of reality will also resonate with this:

People do not “create” their reality.
They “select” it and “allow it in“.

This simple phrase summarizes some of the details Iasos (a student of Bashar) considered core concepts of Bashar particularly the article “Receiving” the Reality you desire.  I think it is quite harmonious with my views and interpretation of Seth’s views regarding our personal reality.

You need only,

BelieveIt! 2 ReceiveIt!