Monthly Archives: February 2010

It’s all about perspective

It is!  It truely is. All that you feel is inside of you. It doesn’t come from someone outside. 

We think:   I was happy.   Then my friend told me we’re breaking up.  Then I was sad.

We think:  Now I am sad.

Conclusion we think:  My friend made me sad.

But it isn’t true.   If that friend had sent me a letter informing me of the deed, and it was lost in the mail.  I would continue being happy, not knowing, not being aware. Happy believing all is well.

Yet if the friend was where our happy came from, then we would have felt it from them.  You say how silly. But that is what we are doing when we attribute our feelings as coming from another.  In all cases, when we attribute our feeling as coming from or being caused by some external object, person, place or thing, we are giving up our role in feeling it different.

How many times have you heard yourself say:    My employer makes me so mad.

or, My teacher made me feel sad,

or, My my mom frustrates me so …,

or, my husband, wife, boy-friend, girl-friend,  teacher, students, bullies and mean girls, ruined my day.

If the feelings do NOT come from outside of us.   Where do they come from?  What do they mean? What are they for?  

Why is this important?  Because we seem to guide our entire lifes in pursuit or avoidance of them.

Isn’t it about time you knew the answers? Isn’t it about time to put things into proper perspective.