Predators, Parasites, Politics and Victimization

Re:  plane of reversal and the original hellish creation

I’m curious which reality you refer to when you say “, but reality shows us … predators and parasites”. Assuming by your question that you have such in your reality; perhaps the following will help.

A few of Seth’s most basic concepts are:

  • You create your own reality.
  • We are multi-dimensional beings.
  • Value fulfillment is perhaps the most important element in the being of All That Is, and it is a part of the heritage of all species.
  • Life is sacred—all life—and again, all life seeks value fulfillment, not simply physical survival.”

Reality – two frameworks

The primary dimension of our personal reality is a subjective reality. Seth often refers to this fuller subjective reality as Framework II. Framework I is the physical reality we are familar with. It is a mentally constructed objective perspective of a limited portion of all that we are capable of sensing and experiencing in framework II.  There is no “original hellish creation” in physical reality unless you create it for your own valued purpose!

We are capable of focusing upon multiple perspectives with each forming a dimension of the fuller self that we are.

Seth tells us the self experiencing this fuller reality is a gestalt of consciousnesses, it is a self encompassing all of our multi-dimensional focused selves.

Seth refers to this gestalt of selves as the entity or soul. The entity holds within it the multitude of all our selves that are individually focused upon various dimensions, aspects and perspectives the fuller self is capable of creating for the purpose of finding valued fulfillment in its being.

Some of these individual selves are focused upon various lives and past-lives, (individual physical lives we mentally construct in which we give intense objective focus, like the one we now experience as physical reality). Others are just as intently focused upon probable realities where we’ve contemplated and projected mentally constructed realities expected probable of bringing our being fulfilling valued realizations. Kind of like when we ponder; should I become a lawyer or a nurse and imagine what it would be like to choose either path?

Possibly you’ve seen above, it is important to understand; Seth’s stated purpose for our being is the same as for all consciousness; it is the propose of all beings and the purpose behind each of our multi-dimensional self creations.

We purpose discovery of ever deeper and expanding realizations of valued fulfillments to being.

Each value fulfilling realization gives purpose to our being and as we add to and improve upon the value of all that we are and our part of all that is (God; if you will) we bring purpose for the being of all that is!

Political Parasites

If we create a mentally constructed reality in which we find our self encompassed about by threatening objects like predators and parasites, we have done so for the purpose that we might discover some depth of valued realization believed and expected of value for fulfilling our being.

If by experiencing a predator or parasite sapping our personal lives, liberties and our pursuits of happiness; if being a victim is our experience, it is a mentally constructed external object perspective we’ve created for the purpose of giving ourselves greater value fulfillment in the experience!

Each of these experiences shape our character, our identity and become the defining aspects of personality that bring fulfillment to our being.

We simply have to look within such to find the valued realizations waiting to be discovered. When they are discovered, they’re highly valued!

Every quest begins with a question. Every quest brings its own valued prize.
BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt