Father is in the Son while the Son is within the father

A Study  in the Gospel of John
John Chapters 12 – 17

These books of John are my favorite in all the Bible as they were the departing words of Jesus to his followers imparting his most important message summarizing a life’s ministry and the crowning revelation of who they were, and who we are when we are in his words and who is revealed to the believer upon receiving and believing (keeping those words as truth)  as the truth by which all reality is perceived or observed.

Herein Jesus reveals the unique nature of his relationship with the god he calls his father and how we too have a the same unique nature in relationship within him and his father knowing that very special love of god that is only known as it is revealed in his word internalized; the same word sanctifies all who receive and internalize it to the degree that with the realization called sanctification they both take up their dwelling with us and are alive within us. This is the mystical result of our so receiving and internalizing him as valued realizations of his revelation take shape and form a new nature through our seeking, asking and believing the words that reveal god’s nature to us.

Study: Bible John 12-17

A father and the Son within word

To understand the revelations of Jesus one needs to understand the meaning of his words; all is about words; the words of Jesus attempt to describe to reveal the relationship with and between Jesus, the Father, his disciples, you and me. I say attempt, because like all miracles of Jesus, the receiving believer is key. The words of Jesus reveal ideas, the very ideas which form life, the very life of god that comes within those that receive them. Ideas expressed as words form the very person, personality and physical individual we know of as Christ in the cooperating observer.

Words and ideas form all that we know of physical reality within the receiving believing observer.  Physical reality does NOT exist independent of thoughts and ideas. Thoughts produce physical reality at the point of observing what is believed. It is NOT the other way.

We find Seth beginning where Jesus finished off in John.  Seth, picked up with Jesus’s revelation that the father and the son are living within the words, ideas and concepts taught about our relationship with them, and the love that exists for those that believe they find value in keeping their words as the very essence of truth regarding their reality and relationship of God being within them.

To understand the ideas of Seth, I believe it is best to see how the concepts of our beings and natures were first revealed to Jane Roberts and to see how they parallel the words, ideas and concepts of Jesus as he reveals another perspective for understanding our natures and facilitating our understanding of how ideas develop into fuller realizations of who and what we are as we realize how we relate to all we call living, life, God, others and our multi-dimensional natures.

Jane Roberts began her quest by receiving ideas that she formed into a treatise she titled: “The Physical Universe as Idea Construction“. This was the signal that Seth had been watching for. In Jane’s receiving this revelation, Seth recognized she was receptive to the expanded knowings that he would built upon and never departed from while expanding the message: we create our own realities according to our ideas and specifically according to those ideas we believe represent the nature of reality.

Shortly after Jane received her Idea Construction initiationSeth never tired in finding opportunities to communicate and dive into greater depths and insights regarding the fuller nature of God as is revealed in all that is, within the very natures of our beings, and our multiple dimensions of realities, of which within we have our fuller personal beings.

Study:  The physical universe as Idea Construction
as found in the entire collection: Dreams, and projections of Consciousness
written by Jane.

If you’ll note the quality of expressions in the Study of Jane’s writings here above does, you’ll see a distinctive difference in the quality of Seth’s expressions when studying his material next.

Then on to a study of what Seth has to say about the reality in which we relate to our God and how it is that there is much more to our relationship with all that is literally than meets the eye:

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