Perspective of camouflage

We’ve come to realize; our perspective is based upon our beliefs. We form our perspectives based upon what we believe. Belief in things we want or don’t want cause us to form quite varied realities. The reality of a person focused upon things NOT WANTED is quite different from the reality of the person focused upon things that ARE WANTED.

Different realities – same events

The experience of an actively “Trusting Lover” will be quite different from the actively “Distrusting Hater”, even when each are exposed or aware of the identical  events. In a manner of speaking, the quality of one’s travel experiences depend upon the baggage the traveler brings with him. Two different persons may experience quite different vacations even though both may travel and observe the same terrain.

The beliefs a person brings to the party of awareness determine their experience. The degree one holds beliefs consistent with their desires determines the quality of that experience. It is as if each person sees or senses what they expect. 

To each viewer of a common event, the reality of what is experienced is a projection of the beliefs held by each. The quality of their experience is a projection of their awareness and its focus relative to desires. If one sees an event using beliefs formed while holding a focus upon what is desired, they WILL invariably have quality experiences in their reality. If one beholds the same event using beliefs created while holding a focus upon undesired aspects, their experiences have a less satisfying poorer quality. 

Eternal Life

It should be obvious. One’s reality can be formed of any identified preference. It is NOT important which preferences we identify or choose. It only matters that we consistently view the events of our being with a past and present awareness of those aspects that are consistent with our identified preferences. From such a bias comes the creativity which expands our reality and expands the universe of all that is.

Fixing our awareness upon what is desired brings quality to the experience of eternity. Indeed, we may even call that quality: the attraction of life. This attraction is the very force that hold our solar systems in place and our planets in orbit. It attracts lovers to one another and gives them the vibrant ecstasy most have experience when being “in love”. The attraction we feel toward our preferences is the very force of love. It is the force behind all attraction. It is the vital energy sometimes referred to as the law of attraction. 

Meta level constructs

To  the unknowing traveler between realities, each reality appears to be  in camouflage. However, each camouflage system appears so, because each is based upon the biased preferences chosen in its construction.

 As travelers, we must see beyond the camouflage and see the meta level that is consistent between them all. While we know that each reality exists within “All that is”, we also know that each MUST be connected for them to be a part of all that is. Each was formed at a point in eternity where: through some unique realization of preference originating within one camouflage system, another creatively “new reality” was spawned.  These originating realizations of preference form connections that can be known and traveled like highways or conduits between them. A meta level skilled traveler can traverse the different realities and their camouflages of preference beliefs.

Each eternal life reality may be quite different. Each constantly expanding reality may have a biased toward a different line of preference. Each may be entirely different from the last ageless reality we visited or the one where we first originated.

The meta level traveler knows that each reality is receiving the same event communications from the rest of all that is. To become a traveler between realities, one must only learn the foundational aspects, the aspects which are consistent of all known realities. Then upon arrival in a new reality, we need only orient ourselves by learning the relative beliefs and preferences in order to explore and understand the unique expressions of creativity each has added to all that is and to ourselves thereby. Do you realize how much fun eternal life is and will continue to be eternally? Do you realize how much fun this reality is, should be, and could be, if you would traverse it with a conscious choice and discriminating biased toward awareness of the preferences identified within it?

Energy of Love

We already know of the vital energy that flows between all that is.  What we didn’t know was that it is the energy that creates and holds the beingness of all that is. This energy vitality is the energy we have each experienced as love and the attractiveness we feel as desire toward all that we’ve been attracted. Love attracts all into existence and gives life to all. The attractive force of Love is the essence of all that is. Love is the one common force. It give life to eternity, it gives us eternal life.

Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation

Were it NOT that every conscious being is attracted to its preferences, we might fear that eternal life could become eternal hell. That is, we might image some unfortunate fool becoming permanently fixed upon undesirable things and continuing to experience the hell of an undesirable perspective. We all know people that appear to be so fixed.  

However, upon reflection, Eternity and even this life, both last quite a while. If we watch long enough, we know changes arrive. Most of us have had one or more such experiences by the time we become adults. Experiencing the temporary pains of hell bring about revolutions even if we seem not to catch on and keep repeating the same challenge.

Predisposition toward desired

Fortunately eternal damnation is NOT possible. Even though our awareness may become fixed for a long time upon the unattractive, ultimately we are always drawn or attracted to the attractive that we desire. With each revolution of orientation comes strong emotive forces that move and motivate us to try again. These winter storms ultimately bring about reforming insights and creativity that returns us to a focus upon what is desired and the desired experiences of eternal life.

There is no devil, there is no hell – Only eternal life. Choose to experience it today!  Believe it! Realize it!

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  1. Realize It Post author

    Your every thought affects your everyday life. Experience is always according to what you believe and expect. If you change your thoughts and beliefs, you change your experience of everyday life.

    There are many very good productions that appeal to many and for many are far easier to understand than my writings.

    If you’re just starting to hear this and want to understand the concepts of affecting your life by what you believe, I’d highly recommend beginning with “the Secret” by Rhonda Bryne. The following link has some of the quotes:
    If the concepts resonate with you, this next will let you watch some of their great production:

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