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A friend asked that I answer a question.
I think you may find my response interesting:

Re: What is your specific focus of interest and what is your practice?

My primary focus is “Belief”.

Understanding and practice of cultivating the effects that believing has upon our “Experience” of reality. Emotions reflect our beliefs and energize or make manifest the experiences we call reality.

It is the resonating agreement of 2 primary beliefs that we call expectation. Expectation is key to bringing or collapsing the probable possibilities of reality we desire into the actual reality that we experience.

I have developed a practical understanding that is absolutely confirmed in every facet we accept as reality.

It is true, it is an established fact of reality: everything we experience as real was first and foremost the result of initially concluding an idea consistent with our present reality.

The very act of deciding that an idea is consistent or true is called a realization. A very fitting word for the very realizing of an idea as being consistent with reality, expands our reality with its’ latest realization.

We create our own realities!

You need simply – believeit 2 realizeIt

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  1. Realize It Post author

    Matt Fall: A new member posted the following comment as part of joining our circle of friends:

    What is my Practice.

    Where you say – “It is the resonating agreement of 2 primary beliefs that we call expectation.” Where did you get that belief from – is it something that Seth says somewhere?

    I’ve been trying to get my head around “ideas” and what they are, and how they become “beliefs”, but I’m not sure that I understand what “idea” is. Is it action, and does it stem from the three creative dilemmas (From book 3 of the Early Sessions)?

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