The Astral Body, Suggestion and Projection

The astral body is formed of tissue comprehensions; of individual consciousness units formielectromagnetic components comprehending realizations that Seth calls action. The astral body is simply the unseen astral inner self. It is not so much unseen by nature as that it is unseen in common practice with the physical senses. Its nature is the collection of experiences we collect physically through out life and forms the body of such experiences and realizations that succeed the physical body in death. While our experiences form a collection of experiences and value realizations we call personality regarding our physical nature, this collection or body of realizations is NOT physical or contained in matter.

The inner self collects information of which the conscious self may not be aware. The astral identity is actually a more complete representation of the whole personality with abilities far reaching. The inner ego is the director of this identity. It is the I of the inner identity just as the outer ego is the director and the I of that we identify as the physical self or conscious self.

The astral self wanders or projects its consciousness in directions other than physical consciousness during sleep and even while the outer self is awake.

The inner senses perceive the psychic reality and transmit messages from that fuller reality. Perceptions of the inner self are themselves action; realizations that alter personality and affect physical reality with each new realization. The astral self is always in motion and never static. Its condition alters the physical self even as the physical self acts upon the astral image.

Suggestion will reach many aspects of the self and some which are very distant from the ego. Suggestion can shape future events because any action changes that which existed before it, and that which shall exist after it within your system.

Suggestion can change the past by changing the individuals present reaction to a past event. If a new active realization replaces a former past realization from a past event, then in regards to action or realization, the past has been changed.

Time dialation – A Change to the past

Once we recognize that the mental structures we call physical reality and create within a perspective of time and space are in actuality symbolic representations of realizations we objectify for closer inspection, we can see a change in realization equals a change in our frame of reference. A modified realization today may presented itself as time displacement in a newly reflected mental construction. Such a reconstruction would be perceived as a change to history or a change to the time line of objective reality. It just depends upon which you perceive as more real, the realization or the symbolic representation projection of it.

When the astral identity projects itself in time or space, it does so based upon the medium of action. Acts of realization provide the medium for which time and space context are altered or projected. In astral projection, we give our selves suggestions that we contemplate our latest realization into other settings past and present and then consciously observe those projections as astral space and time travel.

Other Study:

See Seth Early Sessions Vol 5 Session 202 and 203


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