You Create your own Reality – Really! … All of it!

You create your own Reality Means

1)  I create everything observable by me within MY physical reality.
2)  You create everything observable by you within your physical reality.

Of the exact objects YOU observe within your physical reality, I can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects you observe as physical reality, only you create them.

3) Of the exact objects I observe within my physical reality, YOU can NOT, and did NOT create any of them. The specific objects I observe as physical reality, only I create them.

These are NOT delusional rantings of a deluded soul!

My Conclusions and Seth’s Concepts in support

As a firm foundation upon which we can construct an unambiguous understanding of personal reality, we look to Seth’s most fundamental revelations on Matter and how matter is formed personally. We find Seth with no secrets withheld sharing the most incredible details regarding the terra firma matter of our realities in the Early sessions volume 2, ES2 sessions 60-71.

  1.  You Create your Own Reality

Me: That we share a mass reality has confused many into thinking there is an “Out There” reality created by mass consciousness that is shared by all of us. That view is pretty much the standard world view and the way the ego sees reality as outside of self. It is wrong.

In the following, don’t miss it. Seth is talking about physical objects of objective physical reality (matter), created from your personal perspective. Seth does NOT say we create a personal subjective reality reflecting the “Out There” reality. NO it is the other way around, the matter of physical reality is created from and according to our individual personal perspective.

ES2-Session 63 – Pg162-163 – Seth: “Almost every child suspects that at one time or another when his eyes are closed his immediate surroundings have disappeared. He supposes that when he does not see a chair the chair does not exist, and my dear friends, the boy in this case is smarter than the man.

When his senses, his outer senses, do not perceive a physical object in his self-perspective, in his self-perspective, the object simply does not exist.  If the object is touched and not seen or otherwise perceived, then in his self-perspective it exists only in the realm of his sensual perception of it. It does not exist to be seen if he does not see it. If his father, for example, sees the chair that the boy does not see, then the object exists as a thing to be seen in the father’s self-perspective. Each individual himself creates a portion or a whole physical object. Many people appear to see an object, but the object that they see is not the same object, but only approximates an object. …

For every apparent single object you have, literally, infinite varieties, and no one particular object indeed. From your own perspective, from your own space perspective, … you create your own version of a particular object, and do by using energy in a personal manner.”

Me: Yet our creations of matter reflect a cooperation with others as we create our constructions into matter. However, in that cooperation, it is NOT by our seeing their physical constructions mixed with our physical constructions, but we see their idea contributions telepathically.

ES2-63 Pg 164 … It is true that each of you constructs his own physical universe, and responds to it. It is also true however, that through continuous telepathy you are acquainted with the ideas of others… and while you construct and see your own, you also construct any given material object taking into consideration its approximate size, width, thickness and location, as received through telepathy from others.

Nevertheless, the objects are simply not the same objects. You do not see, feel, smell or touch the same object. I will shock you further by stating that, in your terms, the objects do not even exist in the same space, but in the personal self-perspective space, formed and created by any given individual.”

Me: Just in case you missed that our creation of objective reality is not a joint construction, Seth waited till the next session to reinforce it.

ES2-64, Pg. 173-174 “These are completely separate constructions of energy into matter. You do not — and I repeat: you do not — perceive all constructions into matter. … There are, obviously, many points to be explained, but there are absolutely no exceptions to it. Telepathy is one of the main binders in the world of constructions. The similarities, and there may be an almost endless number of constructions of what you might call one physical object, the similarities only seem so great because you see so little. …

Although it will surely sound complicated, let us for a moment once more return to a consideration of this chair.

The chair, as constructed by Rubert, is constructed constantly when he is in the room. It is partially constructed by him when he is in another room of your apartment.
When he is not at all concerned with the chair, he does not bother to construct it.”

Me: In other words, when I’m NOT thinking of the stars and planets and the great wall of china or the NYC twin towers, they are NOT constructed. They do not exist in the matter of my objective reality. When I give them my attention they are created. (What? Oh right, the twin towers fell and are gone. But even when I did, they were created in a flash and surely as day turns to night, if we can change our past, they can be recreated just as quickly as when I give my attention and create what I know of Saturn today … because in actuality, there is an alternate probable reality at some probable moment point reality branch known to my soul where the twin towers didn’t fall and where I didn’t accept some dreaded cancer, or where I paused just long enough to let some speeding truck pass before colliding at its intersection. But I digress.)

ibid Seth: “He (Rubert) uses energy to construct his physical universe. You construct your own chair in the same manner, using different energy; and again no atom of your chair is the same today and tomorrow. …

First, you and Philip and Rubert, when you are all present in the room, each construct from energy your own physical materialization of the idea, television set. …

You have also on a telepathic level a transmission of specific which aids in giving more precise detail, and aids in pinpointing approximate locations. All this without any cooperation from the atoms that compose the initial, meaning first, construction.

This needs brief explanation. If the three of you turn your attention to the set, the first one to consider it will form the so-called initial construction. … “

Me: Now the details for how mass consciousness cooperates will be clarified. Yes, Seth even talks about attracted vibrations like Napoleon Hill and Ester Hick’s Abraham.

Ibid Pg 175, Seth: “I have told you that all living – and I will use the term conditions – cooperate in the formation of your physical universe. Your construction of the set, Joseph, will involve the use of energy formed into various combinations of atoms and molecules; and these themselves give off vibrations that are received subconsciously, and also serve therefore to give indications of approximate location, bulk, and even particular material and color, to what he has subconsciously perceived telepathically from you and any other constructor, from generalized notions of the idea behind the construction, and from vibrations and even impacts received from the atoms and molecules that compose other constructions of the so-called single object. … no constructions are exactly the same, though generally they appear the same; and for utility’s sake they are effective enough.”

Me: Then back to clarifying that even thought we cooperate telepathically we are NOT consciously aware (we can not see, hear, touch, or taste, or tactically feel) the constructs of others. Not their exact constructions.:

ES2-66, Pg. 189 – “The keystone here is that you are only aware of your own constructions. This is most important. You truly construct your own environment, and it in turn then has its influence on you. When I speak of environment I include for simplicity’s sake that which is close to the self in its nebulous form, but which is still called notself.

Theoretically, this even personal environment reaches indefinitely. …

Actually it can be said that since the self creates its environment, then the environment is an extension of the self. The division between the subject who creates the environment, and the object-environment, which is created, is an artificial but necessary development. …

Ideas originate always from individuals … The ideas once originated, however, are given energy reality by the individual and therefore attain a vitality of their own. The ideas are picked up by the subconscious through a telepathic communication. They do not however have to be picked up directly from one mind, that is, there does not have to be direct communication.”

Me: Having established a foundation in our personal action, Seth builds upon it to declare the keys to physical manifestation of the subjective mind into matter:

ES2-68, Pg 215 – Seth: “Generally speaking however, no physical object can be constructed, and no action can occur, without what you are pleased to call suggestion. No action and no material object can be perceived without inner consent and willingness. Behind every action and every construction there is indeed what you are pleased to call suggestion.

Suggestion is no more and no less than a inner willingness and consent, to allow a particular action to occur; and this consent is the trigger which sets off the subconscious mechanisms that allow you to construct inner data into physical reality.

Your emotional feelings are, as you know, the inner senses as they appear close to the physical plane. These are the directives. You form in your own personal perspective the data that exists within the inner self, but you do this on an individual basis in line with your own expectations, suggestions and attitudes.”

Ibid, Pg 218 – Seth: “You will understand that it is completely erroneous to think in terms of one physical universe”.

Me: Even Seth can NOT directly create objects to be seen in Mark’s construction of reality:

ES2-69, Pg 225 – Seth: “This is what I am leading to. Outer constructions are always translations of actions from inner reality into material. Their validity is dependent upon the individual’s ability to receive inner data, to translate inner data, to manipulate energy, and to construct it onto the material field.

I am leading up to a rather important point that will take a good deal of explaining. …

The construction of the apparition was formed, therefore, by atoms and molecules. The idea behind it came from me, and was received by Mark; and then Mark constructed the apparition, which did in fact physically exist.

It was composed of actual matter. As you should know, like all other atoms and molecules, its atoms and molecules had capsule comprehension, generalized consciousness. They formed themselves at Mark’s instigation into a gestalt of physical construction; but the gestalt could not operate consistently or endure for any amount of physical time, in your field, because of the absence here of a completed human form. This will take some reading over. Certain conditions, which we will discuss at length later, are necessary for a completely valid or effective materialization into human form. …

Such an apparition however is composed of legitimate matter, and involves value fulfillment on the part of the atoms and molecules that compose it. … I will also tie these discussions in with their strong connection with expectation … [and] much training is necessary before proper attitudes can be achieved. In all cases without exception, fear leads to defective constructions, and the cycle is vicious.

Me: Then Seth dropped a shocker, if not at least a very important clue to understanding our consciousness:

ES2-69, Pg 227 – Seth: “This is going to be important for future discussion. And pertaining to our imaginary situation concerning the three glasses, you must realize then that each of these three glasses, being valid physical constructions, are composed of atoms and molecules that contain their own capsule comprehension and generalized consciousness.
This is going to be difficult. I can see you shaking your head, and I have been putting off the inevitable.

However, instead of our glasses, please consider a very simple situation: the two of you in this room. Now Rubert constructs his own physical image, which is, I hope, obviously conscious. You construct your physical image, which is, I hope, obviously conscious. You construct your physical image of Rubert. What about your construction of Rubert, which is valid as a material construction. Is it conscious — ”  [?]

Me: Those were million dollar questions. The answer when perceived changed everything we thought we knew about reality.   Rob answered:  ‘Yes’ and noted: ‘(I gave this answer on the spur of the moment.)’.   Let’s continue with Seth from that point. Seth is about to adopt the idea of primary and secondary constructions to show how independent others constructions of ourselves (secondary) are from our own (primary) constructions of ourselves and environment:

ES2-69, Pg 227 – Seth: ” — and to what degree? If five people were in the room, then they would each construct, in their own personal perspective, their own image of Rubert, which would be composed of definite, material, atoms and molecules. You would have five actual physical constructions, plus Robert’s own. Do all five constructions, plus Rubert’s own, contain Rubert’s consciousness?

Do they contain different consciousnesses, or are they conscious at all? Now I am bringing you to the point of primary and secondary constructions.”

Me: Next Seth shows us what a powerful teacher he is and left us to think about it till a later session. Pick up at Session 71 to find that most incredible revelation about our realities.

Claims 2 & 3: We Can NOT create ANYTHING observed by another

ES2-Session 63 – Pg163  “Nevertheless … You do not see, feel, smell or touch the same object.  … You create your own version of a particular object, and you do it by using energy in a personal manner.  …  Many people appear to see an object, but the object that they see is not the same object, but only approximates an object.”

Me: That my other two claims are obvious from all that was quoted above and for Claim #1, if you still disagree, I can only share the following from a Early Class Session where: ([Janice:] asked: “When I get home I probably won’t relax, I keep wondering why I am still blocking …”)

ECS-4, Class Session 4/13/1971, Pg. 162  – Seth: “Instead, imagine yourself clearly receiving inspiration. You are thinking negatively when you ar thinking mainly about your problems. See them solved imaginatively in your mind. Do not emphasize your limitations.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/13/1971, Pg. 170  – Seth: ” And there are journeys within yourselves that you can take that will lead you from selves that you know to selves with whom you are not yet acquainted.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/27/1971, Pg. 174  – Seth: ” Now some of this material is new and when you get it written down, I would like you to read it and ponder it. You have this information, use it. …
This is your reality, accept it or hide within all concepts. It is up to you. Make this information personal, emotional and part of your lives.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/27/1971, Pg. 176  – Seth: “Life bursts apart in all directions as consciousness does and explodes in all probable directions. There is not one steady stream of progress.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/27/1971, Pg. 177-178  – Seth: “My words, as I speak, operate in many ways. As sounds alone in your reality that have an impression upon you. As the meaning for the words, that meanings that you understand, as the electromagnetic realities that  speed out from Rubert’s lips, and all of these things you register and understand. You have only to consciously acknowledge them and to open yourselves.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/27/1971, Pg. 180-181  – Seth: “Now the atoms and molecules that compose you are glorious impermanent things, and through the leadership of your consciousness have you lead them to consciousness and song and through your organization do they understand realities that would otherwise be denied them. …
Therefore, it behooves all of you, on a part of all that you are, to expect the best of yourselves and the best of those with whom you are in contact. … You live and breathe these concepts.”

ECS-4, Class Session 4/27/1971, Pg. 184  – Seth: “You do direct your own thoughts. You can control them, you can stop the conscious worrying. When you find yourself worrying about this matter, tell yourself, instead, that there is nothing to worry about, that the answer is within you. See you mind within your mind as a clear sky or a blank board upon which the answers will come. Now be assured that the answers will show themselves there for they are there now. And simply relax and see what is already written. The answer has been there, in your terms, long before you requested it. And it is there now. Simply allow yourself to see the answer and freely accept it. And let the turmoil go.”

ECS-4, Class Session 5/4/1971, Pg. 185-187  – Seth: “You form your reality. You form, therefore, the generation in which you seem presently to have your existence. …

Now you have settled upon one mathematical system to follow in your universe. Along with it you have settled upon one line of reality. This you endorse as reality, and anything outside of it does not have your stamp of approval, so therefore, it seems to you that it cannot exist, in your terms. …

But you must not think in terms of one line of development for creativity goes out in all directions, and … will always continue to create new development. …

There is no final state of motion …
All That Is is now, yet within All That Is, are all potentials for development even now, simultaneously, being expressed and each action causes another action, in your terms now, without end. There is no pinnacle or end of creativity. There is instead, an infinity of development and creativity. And do not try, at this point, to intellectually understand the concepts for it will seem contradictory.”

We need only – BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt.

Additional Material:

Seth-ES5-Session252-253  Primary Constructions and Secondary Constructions

Seth-ES5-Session254-256 Energy knowing itself retains as individual identity what is accepted and known and primarily constructed in matter as and for adoption as self identification. The knowing or sensing of our self is extremely filtered of most the infinite variety of overwhelming psychological actions, the fuller impressions of such comprise the quasar quasi-stellar forms . Except for the most strong, disciplined or secure well structured self, most vivid sensings must be limited in intensity for self protection of the self.

Other Study:

4) Your Soul has many different Selves and Outward facing Ego’s experiencing different realities than the one you call “Rock Bottom” while each unique self and ego considers its’ reality as “Rock Bottom”.

5) Each ego rides at the pinnacle of a moment point with the self focused upon its unique perspective of a minute incremental value fulfilment change.

6) Consciously I, my self, affects the choice of which related moment point will be selected next to be experienced as MY self’s physical reality. And its corollary: Likewise, You affect YOUR’s.

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