Dreams, Interpretation and Intent

A friend asked me if I had any favorite Seth exercises.

I have to admit, the ones that work for me all revolve around the application of belief. Probably because that’s what I am so passionate about and so easily attract.

I’ve been most successful with dreams and suggestions before dreaming.

  • I’ve come to realize, we attract our dreams just like we attract conceptual thoughts – according to our intentions. They require no more effort than mere desire and the intention of giving attention to receiving.
  • I’ve also come to realize, the best way to interpret dreams is to decide what they’re about before going to sleep. Decide what your dreams mean before you have them!
    It’s funny, because most people think I am kidding when I say that. But I am serious. Let me explain the process:
  1. Decide what you want to know about?
    What do you want to understand? Or,
    What do you want help with?
  2. Hold the intention to receive a dream in answer to what you decided the dream should be for and then expect it to be communicated.
  3. I have found that dreams follow such intention and that they DO address what you intend and expect them to communicate.
  4. I’ve found if I ask intending to receive and believe that the universe will honor such, then my expectations for conceptual ideas or insightful dreams are honored and delivered in response.
  5. The dreams and ideas have much greater significance when you already understand what they’re supposed to be communicating before you receive them. They’re much easier to interpret.
  6. Lastly, I find the universe delivers synchronicities to confirm the interpretation. It’s the icing on the cake that allows you to take the next step of believing.

I believe with a few confirming synchronicities, we soon know we can trust them to confirm new ideas, concepts and beliefs. As we begin to recognize more synchronicities and their meanings, we notice even more of them. We soon come to a place where we can reasonably conclude new beliefs that might have otherwise never become beliefs due to lack of collaborative references our conscious ego and intellect relies upon so heavily in forming conclusions of belief and the resultant emotions of expectation.

Initially, Synchronicities are the only references a person may have to conclude a new truth in bringing about change regarding persistent or difficult limiting beliefs we’ve recognized need to change.

Having trouble changing a limiting belief?
Ask for wisdom and understanding. They are within the law of seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. It’s the law, you attract what you intend. Intend to find wisdom and understanding, you’ll attract what you intend to find.

You do it all the time with everyday ordinary things, whether it be moving your fingers, walking or thinking.

  • Thinking is the clearest example of the law of attraction in action.
  • Bodily movements are the clearest examples of the law of attraction affecting the manifestation of change in a material object.

What you believe, desire, intend and expect are key regarding any thing you desire.
With Dreams, they are the keys to Dreaming and Understanding.

You have only to BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt!

Additional Material:
Instantaneously changing a limiting belief- See:
Rob Williams – The Psychology of Change – Procedure @ Min. 53
Bruce Lipton – The Psychology of Belief – (Our Genes are re-engineered as beliefs of environment change.)
Bruce Lipton – The Psychology of Belief – (Full Lecture)

4 thoughts on “Dreams, Interpretation and Intent

  1. Alixen ThatGirl


    I just found your site when I was searching for more videos and audios from Jane Roberts and Seth, and those who have been using Seth’s teachings.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, techniques and experiences. I will certainly try your improved technique on setting more clear intentions for my dreams and believing how they should be and expecting it to be communicated that way. It would greatly help on dream interpretations as I’ve been keeping a dream journal for about 2 years now since I first found out about Seth. I’ve been incorporating his teachings little-by-little and sometimes all at once, depending on my rate of understanding and epiphanies.

    I was reading yesterday that as we change our beliefs, thoughts and feelings, we’ll attract those like us who are dedicated to our self awakening, consciousness and expansion. It’s nice to meet a kindred spirit on this journey. As Seth said, we are not our names, as they are simply designations we use.
    I call myself Alixen. What do you call yourself?
    Again, thanks for creating your wonderful website with such great insights, knowledge and wisdom from a number of sources, especially Seth’s and Jane Roberts.

    1. Realize It Post author

      Hello Alixen:

      This is RealizeIt 2 BelieveIt, aka Michael Olsen.

      Your interest in Seth enhanced dreams arrives at just the right time.

      Such synchronicities, I never cease to be amazed:
      I was just listening to ES-6 Sessions 274 & 275 and notice again how firmly Seth affirms our reality is created according to our “Expectations”. When he speaks that “Conscious projections” (experienced in the dream state) occur primarily for “creative” individuals, I believe he’s referring to our intentionally choosing consciously what we expect when we dream (Hopefully that which we’ve discerned a preference toward).

      Of course, expectations are emotionally formed of our inner self based upon our beliefs as are all manifestations; those physically sensed emotionally and those physically sensed visually or with our other 4 senses. Fortunately, we have control of our conscious attention and can direct our waking consciousness and intellectual attitudes toward activities of understanding our limiting beliefs and developing the better beliefs that we understand underlie the expectations of what we desire.

      I hope you enjoy my site and audio recordings.
      The beliefs you form from study of Seth affect the experiences you desire of life.

      You have only to: BelieveIt 2 RealizeIt!

  2. Deb SpeakingOfSeth

    I’ve only had the time to jump around a bit and read only portions of posts—I am interested in reading more. I couldn’t help but notice you’re a fan of Bruce Lipton (Dreams, Interpretation and Intent post). I just can’t get enough of Bruce!

    Thanks for blogging and getting the word out!
    – – – – – – –

    1. Realize It Post author

      Re: Bruce Lipton
      I love reading or viewing most anything that discusses the implications of belief. Bruce Lipton presents very thought provoking material. While I haven’t heard him state that our beliefs go beyond affecting biology to actually affect everything we perceive as real, I completely appreciate the powerful collaborative support he provides us as we work to consciously overcome limiting beliefs and search for the evidences that our replacement ideas are believable and therefore believed.

      While it sounds simple; “just believe to receive”. In actuality, within the mental constructs of our physical realities, we must consciously seek and find sufficient collaborative support for an idea to become a belief. I don’t mean we must see it before we believe it. Rather we must find sufficient collaborative support to conclude a idea is believed. The inferences of Bruces’ material goes a long long way collaborating: as a man thinketh, so he is, and I add, so he experiences.

      We have only to believeIt 2 receiveIt!

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