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Hypnosis, Self Talk, Inner Received Suggestion


We were discussing how hypnosis works? That a suggestion can not simply be anything or any idea.

I stated that I see beliefs as integral in every aspect of reality.  Beliefs are central to receiving any effects from suggestion, whether it be from our own self talk, affirmations, positive confession or suggestions received in trance from an outside hypnotist.

Beliefs are essential foundation for operative suggestion because it is from beliefs that expectancy is formed.  Expectancy, and the emotion associated with it, is the truest reflection of our most heart felt integrated intention of desired conscious focus. We get what we concentrate upon and we concentrate upon what we believe is most valuable for bringing value to ourselves. All this goes into deciding what to give our attention and in deciding the direction of where to focus our consciousness. This fuller meaning of conscious intent is key to understanding effective discriminative physical construction.

This is also closely related to: Does it really matter what you look at and what you say about what you look at?


“Now thoughts in general posses an electromagnetic reality, but whether you know it or not, they also have an inner sound value.

You know the importance of exterior sound. It is used as a method of communication, but it is also a by-product of many other events, and it affects the physical atmosphere. Now the same is true about what I will call inner sound, the sound of your thoughts within your own head. …

Inner sounds have an even greater effect than exterior ones upon your body. They affect the atoms and molecules that compose your cells. In many respects it is true to say that you speak your body, but the speaking is interior.

… Such inner sound forms your bone and flesh. The sound exists connected with but quite apart from the mental words you use in thinking.

… The sound is formed by your intent, and the same intent — I am putting this simply now —  will have the same sound affect upon the body regardless of the words used.

But usually you think in your own language, and so in quite practical terms the words and the intent merge. For all practical purposes then the two are one. When you say “I am tired”, mentally you are not only giving silent messages to yourself – I say messages rather than message because the general statement is broken down; many portions of the body must be affected before you feel tired – but beside this the inner sound value of the messages automatically affects the body in just that way.” Seth NPR Pg 84-85 Session 623

“You are immune from ill health as long as you believe that you are. …  Your body has an overall body consciousness filled with energy and vitality. It automatically rights any imbalances, but your conscious beliefs also affect your body consciousness. Your muscles believe what you tell them about themselves. So does every other portion of your physical body.

… While you may be cured [by a doctor] of one difficulty, you will only replace it with another as long as your beliefs cause you to have physical problems.
Now the same applies to what is frequently called spiritual healing … you will also simply trade those symptoms for others unless you change your initial beliefs.

… inner sounds are extremely important. Each of the atoms and molecules that compose the body has its own unique sound value too. When there is something wrong the inner sounds are discordant.
The unharmonious sounds have become a part of that portion of the body as a result of the inner sound of your own thought-beliefs. That is why it is vital that you do not reinforce these inner sounds through repeating the same negative suggestions to yourself. Verbal suggestions are translated into inner sound. Seth NPR Ch 5 Pg 88-89 Session 624

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