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Objective Reality, It’s Your Choice

The physical objective expression of subjective reality will NEVER become controlling for consciousness does NOT come from Matter, rather Consciousness forms the matter of the material objective universe.

Some believe in a bloodline that supposedly controls the physical objective universe and that it in turn is controlled by and originated with Lucifer. Lucifers’ creation or for that matter, any others created reality can never control your subjective reality anymore than any dictator has ever been able to control the minds of his captive subjects.

Subjective reality begins and ends in the mind of the observer. Physical reality as a projected formation of the subjective mind, must also when the observer chooses to place focused attention elsewhere.

The physical universe of modern physics falls apart without the observer’s subjective perspective. The fact is, modern physicists have NO IDEA how to remove the observer from the experiments they label “Science”, yet they persist believing consciousness spawned from matter. I posit we will one day laugh at that idea, just as we laugh to consider people once believed the earth flat.

But I diverged to contrast our fuller (and only true) subjective reality. That it can NEVER be destroyed. That it can only be removed from conscious attention. That temporal physical reality ultimately ends for the living at the death of the living body. That the temporal reality is a psychic construction formed from the essence of consciousness that never ends being.

Let me return to the reality where a Lucifer controlled Illuminati controls the physical world of our planet. Let’s talk of the projected portion of our fuller reality known as our “temporal” or “physical” reality.

Lucifer / Illuminati in control WOULD sound and APPEAR quite frightening, IF you “believed it relevant” to your reality. But, it does NOT have to be believed nor accepted as relevant or representative of your physical reality. It certainly does NOT need to be accepted as controlling your subjective reality.

What many don’t know is: Like subjective reality, your physical reality is YOUR creation and evil controlling bodies do NOT need to be a part of that reality, unless you decide you want to accept them as true of reality.

The most important base to reflect upon in this matter as concerns ANY fear or beliefs of limitation is your awareness that: “You create your own reality; there’s NO OTHER RULE”. If you don’t want to experience it, don’t choose to believe it relevant.

So if  an Illuminati appears to be a scary part of your reality, one doesn’t have to tolerate it. You certainly don’t have to let such control your reality nor your experiences within it.

I submit; while I acknowledge knowledge of such ideas ARE a part of my reality (I know I believe these ideas exist and are believed by large bodies of persons). Yet, that’s as far as I am willing to let it go. That’s a decision I make. The Illuminati does NOT affect my experience!

Where do ideas of Illuminati come from?

I realize one can search for, seek and find much information on threatening ideas like this. There are entire bodies of information, considered ancient, secret and some so profound or occult that such is only found in the purvey of the non-living. There ARE probable realities where they ARE in control.
Yet, I certainly don’t accept such as the only reality that can be experienced or that can be chosen for MY experience. We do NOT NEED to believe in blood lines, individuals, ultimate beings, or bodies of consciousness as ruling what drives our experiences in reality. We do NOT need to participate in the probable reality where Illuminati controls.

Yet, we can seek and find many such ideas for they exist and are attracted for contemplation anytime one perceives a desire to so contemplate and psychically forms the intention to give attention to what can be found believing that such can be known if desired.

Furthermore, such COULD be chosen to be believed and experienced. We choose the probable reality to experience based upon conscious attention we give to believing them true of our reality.

However, I believe there are far better probable realities I could choose from and experience. And so, I simply choose by conscious decision to believe that such bodies do NOT control the physical universe that I create within and with in which I experience the temporal reality of my being. And so, I am not physically projected into the probable reality where such control experience.

Only I get to decide how to create my own reality and I choose to NOT believe evil societies are controlling in my reality. You CAN choose to believe them real and experience them.
But, I do NOT, that’s the end of it.

Cooperative Universe – A better alternative that IS Real of our fuller reality

We live in a cooperative universe where every consciousness is at the center of the physical universe (Capernicus not withstanding). Each consciousness, including yourself, is inherently endowed with an individual perspective and inherent ability to discern a preference.

You alone are empowered to decide what should improve or make your individual perspective on reality better in terms of adding discerned value fulfillment to your being.

Each of us, by the nature in which we came into being, have been endowed with an ability to identify what is and what IS NOT a part of our individual being. We only discern ourselves as having being by expressing our discerned preference in the identification of what is ourselves and what is NOT.

These preference defining decisions were, by the way, our first individual steps taken toward defining our reality AND our individual personalities. In actuality, they are both the same. It makes no difference to say I AM … than to say I believe … or reality is … .

We are each uniquely endowed with an inherent ability to discern a preference in every moment where we discern our being as having existence.

If you recognize yourself as having being vs NOT having being, then you HAVEN’T burnt your identity, your being, or any portion of what is essentially important to your being or your ability to discern a preference or your ability to shape the experience that your being will experience.

By deciding what in reality is to be recognized as valued and pursued, you set the course for the reality you will ultimately experience because you will never stop discerning what is better and will ultimately discern what is better in regards to HOW to effectively change your reality through deliberate creation.

When you’ve discerned how to deliberately create your reality, nothing can stop you. No dictator or council of Illuminati will be able to affect you. Only you control creation of the reality you experience within all that is. When you create deliberately, you only create that which adds value to your being. And, so it is with all consciousness encompassed within all that is. Every consciousness discerns and creates according to what it discerns is of value.

The universe of all that is so thoroughly trusts you and trusts that you will always and ONLY always ultimately choose those avenues that improve the universe of all that is, that it is willing and allows you to even imagine and experience yourself being ruled by Illuminati so that you can quickly inequitably clarify and decide that such rule is NOT your preference for creatively expressing and ultimately shaping the universe to be enjoyed by yourself and all that is.

You are the eyes of God! – You’re the Sheriff that arrests evil.

YOU are the creator within “All that Is”. You will even decide who is the “ultimate and supreme” ruler or what is the “ultimate and supreme” rule that governs all within the fuller universe of your being.

So then, Who or what is ultimate and supreme ruler or rule?   Illuminati?
To this date, I believe, I recognize. I believe I realize: inherent within all consciousness, within all that are known as “All that Is” exist as the most basic of attributes or qualities:

  1. Value Fulfillment as the objective behind all action (psychological and physical; subjective and objective).
  2. Our inherent ability to discern a preference. That is; we alone discern what adds value to our being. This includes our very first and very last value fulfilling action, Ie; discerning our Identity – We decide what are the boundaries of our being, where do we begin and where do we end, what’s should be part of our experience and what should not!

In discerning preferences we decide what experiences are included within and what experiences are excluded without that within which we identify our being (in essence we inherently discern the reality we have the preference to experience).

In the end after all the cards and blocks have been put away, Subjective reality is really all that matters and persists as real. We’ve learned how to express ourselves in objective form, as temporal beings and in a physical material reality allowing us to truly get a closer subjective look at what we create and define and refine our creative abilities.

Why does it appear so real?

You might ask: If the concept of Illuminati control does NOT portray reality, then how come it seems so complete? How does it seem to fit and answer so many of the loose ends I am searching to understand? How come it seems so consistent with what I currently know as real?

I Answer:
First, It is because that’s the nature of objective reality and how we create and expand it. Regarding that which we believe probable and with which we intensely desire to confirm as real, when we search for evidence, we eventually attract and find collaborating references sufficient to conclude consistency with what we already believed real. In doing so, we realize it as real and actually create the objective reality that we then experience.
However, the attributes of such reality will ONLY seems real, while you believe they do and for the moments in which you retain the belief they conform to reality!
Reality follows belief, it is NOT the other way around.

Secondly, you would only be attracting these ideas because you want or wanted at one time to receive them for some objective purpose. If you’ve now taken yourself down this path far enough to discern you do NOT want to experience such, then maybe it is now time to choose what you want to experience instead. Experiencing something bad has a remarkable power for focusing and providing clarity, even the intensity of emotion which is key to expectancy and objective creation. All has Not been for naught. Even experiences of pain have their value fulfillment endowing characteristics!

If you are now endowed with clarity about what you want, then choose to believe the beliefs that would have yourself experiencing what you want to experience instead. Decide and choose to discard the beliefs that have you experiencing the old you want to leave behind.

That’s the next task in deliberate creation. That’s why you came to this temporal laboratory.

What ever you do, don’t terminate your exercises just when they’ve clearly given you the energetic power of emotional intensity sufficient to actually accomplish your greatest creative expressions in objective reality.

You have only to believeIt to realizeIt – I mean it! Really!!