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Akashic Records

I’ve heard that some believe a vast library of records is kept of all that there is to know. Even that the records are very difficult to access, but can be accessible to special ones possessing the decoding keys. These special ones can be asked to research the akashic records for us like librarians. Yet we can all retrieve information for ourselves if we care to understand and develop our keys.

What I’ve experienced or come to know and believe

I feel the akashic records are actually the universe of all that is. If you will it is the universal knowledge set or intelligence set of “All that Is”.

“All that Is” is alive and there is self aware intelligence within every thing that is. Even the smallest of units that could be called “intelligence units” are alive, conscious, and self aware. These units form into communities with other such units creating new conscious unit gestalts and these into even larger gestalt communities of consciousness.

At one degree or level in these gestalt piramides we find a gestalt consciousness which we call our selves. It is conscious and self aware and all the conscious gestalts making up the self. Our inner gestalt consciousnesses enjoy an exposure to experience unavailable prior to forming into the greater gestalt consciousness that we are.

Yet with our selves, we or our outer ego self is NOT fully integrated consciously with all that is within the fuller self. We decoupled integration or awareness of inner consciousness by having made a conscious decision to focus solely upon a mental construct we call physical reality. We did this for a purpose that has been well served.
Today we are evolving to re-integrate our inner selves and the universe of knowledge some call the akashic records.

All of us, all of us ‘selves’ and all of our ‘selves’, within the gestalt of selves we are, can all tap into this knowledge base. Difficulties, if we can call them such, are simply our inability to assimilate or relate all that is available to our limited perspective or what is called our reality. Remember that physical reality is severely limited. Our realities are limited by our choice to see all within the mental construct of causality, time and space, cause and effect .

Expand our reality; we can ask for and receive anything we want to know/experience from this unlimited knowledge/intelligence base. And one more thing, For those of us in this ‘eye blink’ universe, since our common reality is experienced through mental constructs of time and space, we must also translate those “ask and you receive knowings” into our camouflage or common word symbols used to describe our mental objective constructs. Here is where our eye (sense) witnesses appear to give conflicting reports.

Easy as Thinking

I believe the process for tapping into these records for our fixed limited focus physical objective reality selves is nothing more complicated than thinking and “believing it real” (a mental process of relate/assimilate/integrate/recognize/realize/accept as consistent with our current reality or the objective symbol set we call reality) – a single event.

Believe It to Realize It and experience it.