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Waves and Particles

All that is exists as a wave of infinite potentiality.

Only when the conscious observer has an intention of observing an object of focused attention does that intention collapse the wave function and the object of attention takes form. Actually the very process of intending observation, IS an innate characteristic of every consciousness. Every consciousness is conscious ONLY because it has an intention of discerning a preference and the directing of that awareness upon an intended discerning is what defines and identifies consciousness.
Consciousness is the direction in which an observer focuses, it is NOT the observer.
The observer is not his consciousness, yet every observer must consciously observe for there is no conscious observer without conscious observation. In framework I, this physical reality, a conscious observer observes physical material objects which we call objective observation.

Within Framework II, your inner reality or inner kingdom exists subjectively. While you may observe and hold a perception of an objective observation projected in framework I, within framework II, the subjective observation persists independent of the current state of the physical material object. Within Framework II, consciousness of the physical object is eternal and unaffected by the constructs of time or physical entropy. Just as you can still today recall many details of your early childhood, framework II realities persist and even expand although the body you had then has long been replaced or died.

When we set our aim to observe the boundaries of who we are and who we are NOT,  our intention is clearly to see ourselves as individuals defined within identified boundaries. As we identify those boundaries, we decide the limits of our individuality, we contract, compress, and encapsulate a portion of our true being into an individualized form. As we focus upon that objectified portion of restricted perception, we call that form our conscious self and usually ignore the rest. That is until we expand our consciousness to include the framework II subjective reality.

In the action of framework I self identification, we actually compress a portion of our subjective perception saying: I am as far as this perceived point and not beyond. This compressed portion of our subject perception is what we identify as our consciousness. We then point to that consciousness and identify it as ourselves, even though in actuality that consciousness is NOT ourselves. It is but the mere direction of attention we have chosen to focus upon as Framework I conscious observers.

Our consciousness is the direction of our attention, but more, it is limited by our boundary decisions, the decisions we make in defining the boundaries of self and non-self.  Consciousness is the direction of our attention bounded by what we decide represents the limits of our capsule comprehension and our self identification. Again, in actuality, we are NOT what we think bounded within the limits of our comprehension, but we are the thinker thinking the thoughts that is part of and entangled with “all that is”.

We take an unlimited entangled subjective perception and project a portion AS the conscious perception of ourselves identified as a segregated individual form encapsulated within those decided and identified boundaries to self. The process of de coupling from all that is IS ONLY accomplished by a trance like focus and ignoring all the evidences that otherwise show that beyond those limits exists entanglement with all that is, all that ever was, all that ever will be.

The identification of our selves as individuals separate from all that is entangled collapses the wave function of the subjective reality within which we find ourselves (the true reality of all that is) and when we so identify ourselves or characteristics individually and objectively, we find that form holds the characteristics we associate or identify as particulate physical material. Observing this objectified physical matter allows us a new perspective and opportunity for a richer value fulfilling look, and the fuller value expanding experience we call physical life. Yet, Seth instructs we can increase the value of that value expanding experience by understanding and integrating the insights, intuitions and creativity our Framework II, inner-self, soul, or holy spirit is ever ready and desirous to contribute.

Who are you?

When I ask people “Who they are”, many if not most ultimately all identify themselves objectively (since this is the only way we know to communicate (symbolically / objectively). In communication with others we all must resort to articulating verbalizations using objective symbols.  We all resort to identification of consciousness or conscious observation, for we have no other way to describe the observer objectively except as an individual possessing object attributes and characteristics which are a symbolic expressions,  attempts at compressing what has infinite depth into an individual moment of perception.

Of course all of objective reality has the same problem, whether we talk objectively of personal characteristics, cause and effect or time and space. All such mental constructs are but limited attempts to describe the fullness of our being. Our words are but shallow attempts that only express a mere minute limited portion, an encapsulated and bounded portion we limit and then identify as our individual self.

Consciousness is consciously perceived ONLY by singling out a portion of what is available for observation. Consciousness is identified ONLY by ignoring the infinite remainder of competing vectors of focus in which our awareness could have been directed, from of the infinite many that the true subjective observer, entangled with all that is, is capable of perceiving.

In framework I, we identify ourselves objectively and by the objects and characteristics we decide to be conscious of.  We identity with what we observe ourselves doing, thinking, and believing. Indeed one may identify themselves as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, psychologist, psychiatrist, or hypnotist. Others more conscious of their beliefs may describe themselves as Buddhist, Humanist, Hindu, Christian, Baptist, and Catholic. Or even more generic: gnostic, agnostic and atheist. But NONE describe who we really are, the fullness of our being. Words never will, because to fully communicate your essence would require conveying complete comprehension of all that you are and every facit of your being. If one then considers the information we are connected to because of all we are entangled, you clearly see the problems of symbolic representation as well as the problems objectified reality has of reflecting your true subjective self.

I prefer to refer to myself as the framework II observer (again an object) within “all that is” (again an object) while clarifying that the use of those terms is only an attempt at expressing the inexpressible. However with that description, I can hope to lead the listener to understand:  He or she must intuitively discern my meaning by recognizing that the symbols used are only objectified reflections of the true essence and vitality that must be discerned subjectively by the listener. After all, when it comes to true interaction between ourselves and others, to true understanding and communication, communications ONLY convey meaning when received subjectively at the subjective level even if we are using word symbols belonging to objective expression.

Now understanding that your consciousness is merely one attribute of your being, which you daily direct in various directions by making choices, and that you shape the reality that you perceive and experience by your choice of that focus, you will act more discriminantly. You WILL find yourself asking: What do I desire? Can I decide to look in that direction and to the exclusion of those I do not?  That’s the expanded, directed consciousness that shapes realities experience.

Your choice of direction or lack of it is the Consciousness that has brought you to the self and experiences you have today.

BelieveIt to realizeIt.