Monthly Archives: September 2010

Changing Experience

How we experience an event is more a function of perspective than a function of the actual event and circumstances. Circumstances themselves only have their quality of good or bad based upon perspective. Perspective is more a function of our interpretation of the past events and circumstances that we use in todays’ assessment than the actual event giving rise to our perspective. Without perspective, the events of our live have no meaning, they have no meaning nor quality of value except we first have a perspective from which to draw the conclusion we relate todays events in comparison with our values, those prior events we decided we valued and we called them “experience” and ranked with a degree of quality.

Today’s experience is an interpretation of events subject to a persons’ beliefs and values; those which were previously determined and concluded so they could be used to form todays experience from the events being observed.  All decisions of today’s experience reflect today’s values and beliefs about reality. But these too represent but our previous conclusions of experience which those too were decided relative to previously defined meanings and value. All perspectives represent past decisions about the beholding beholders “being”. And that; a decision of whether the beholder found the days events desirable or not.

Therefore, to change the quality of our experience, it would appear we could accelerate or compress the self referencing process by recognizing beliefs are but decisions relative to events and their harmony with what we have decided we value or desire.  If the values we give to todays’ events are based upon our belief that those events are similar to events previously evaluated desirable, then we should be able to take ‘ events and decide they are consistent with our desires and enjoy them as quality experience without having had the previous experience at all.  Why must we be forced to reference previous events before we can conclude today’s events are valued? It is only because we see things from a perspective of space and time, cause and effect, and perceive our reality as existing outside of ourselves, that we feel we must look for a predecessor to today’s conclusions and realizations.   If we realize we form tomorrows reality from todays’ value recognitions, we can go direct to deciding our belief of valuing today’s events and experience it as good. 

Let’s go straight to recognizing we always get what we want and start experiencing a reality that’s always fulfilling. Isn’t that what we want: a reality of value fulfilling experiences? Can we just decide we value something to give it value? How do we otherwise determine value?