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Time Perspective

I want to teach! The scientist in me wants to understand! And so I am getting something near every day.  And I hear someone ask: . where are those things I want like cars, houses, kids happy in school and a good mate. We both have them all. Got a car, home and the kids are doing fine.

The mate .. Hummh, Really is doing fine too

. but here in the past where I live physically in the present, I still see the vibrations of the strong focus I gave yesterday. When will today become the yesterday I experience as now? . When I can live in the past like I know is the present, I’ll change the future and experience it now.  (That quote will be attributed to author unknown for centuries into the future as we know it. I am gave it to me today).

What we fear the most and what we believe are our greatest limitations. They are all that keep us from feeling the great expectations and having those we want to expect. They distort reality and are also the cause behind the illness we get in the place of our great expectations. 

Expectations like memories do not exist really in time as time is just the camoflauge we are using to give us more perspective. It gives us the challenge that keeps us focused on one event. By such focus we are able to physically perceive greater detail. Have you had enough of the details? Yet when we want to change what we physically experience, we have to go outside of that focus, out side of time and physical space created from that focus and focus on the present which IS tomorrows physical present and from our point of view, todays physical past.  Only in such a perspective do we create. Only from that perspective do we see that the chicken and the egg were formed at the same instant moment now.

4 Delight yourself in the LORD

     and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalms 37 

Share this with all you like.  How else will the quotes propagate for centuries? 

Oh! someone says, . put it on my blog .  Ok! Believe it!  Realize it!