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Hypnosis Benefits

We met yesterday afternoon to discuss Seth materials and hypnosis.

Following hypnotic suggestions of yesterdays session and my own suggestions that I would wake to dream realizations, I had a dream revealing important insights for the improvement to my personal experience.

I’ll share them in a future blog. Stay tuned.

Believe It, Realize It, Experience It

New Material – A Seth Book,  Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Series:

  • Chapter 4 – The Ancient Dreamers
  • Chapter 3 – Sleepwalkers. The world in early trance
  • Chapter 2 – In the Beginning
  • Chapter 1 – Before the Beginning
  • Preface by Seth
  • Introduction Essays by Robert F. Butts
  • A poem and commentary by Jane Roberts

A couple of Seth Sessions regarding the benefits of hypnosis can be listened to via the following links:

Seth-ES3-Session115 – Powerful insights into the benefits of quieting the ego and overcomming weak or doubtful expectations.

Seth-ES2-Session 44ab

Seth-ES2-Session 49ab

The sessions before and after these can be viewed on YouTube near:

See also A great description of our reality and exploration via hypnosis
as understood by Robert Butts exposure to Seth for over 18 years: